Athlete Success Stories

As the self-proclaimed "worst fueler ever", 90g has been the perfect solution for me. I have a notoriously sensitive gastrointestinal system while running, and I've never found a fueling option that works for me like 90g. I am able to run long and run fast, all while achieving my goals, thanks to the easy and effective fueling option that 90g provides. No more trying to stomach gels and chews; I simply add 90g to a bottle and go! -Cecilia Jones, Memphis, TN

"Over the years, I've tried almost all the endurance drinks on the market and used them for various races; marathons, triathlons, as well training runs, rides and swims. I usually end up with my hands stuck to my handle bars from the drink mixes and an upset stomach no matter how "natural" the label seems to be. 90g is easy to digest and enjoyable to drink! It also offers an adequate amount of calories to keep me fueled no matter what the distance. We have chosen 90g as the official sports drink of our training company, SHIFT Endurance, and all our athletes love it! Thanks 90g for finally creating an allergen free, clean drink that everyone can enjoy!" -Toni Brenzikofer, Arvada, CO


For about 4 years, I could not find a drink that worked with my stomach on long distances and tasted good. I need a lot of salt when I ride and take 4-6 pills an hour to avoid cramping. Lets fast forward to now. I am using 2 scoops of 90g per 20oz bottle and definitely like the flavor. Recently, I went on a 3.5 hour ride and forgot my salt tablets but had 90g in 2 water bottles. Even without the salt tablets I did not cramp and even set a PR up the last 1500 ft climb to the end. This is a great drink that gives you enough electrolytes and fuel for short or long rides." -Greg Holick, Golden, CO